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Welcome to phenibut-uk.co.uk. UK's no.1 supplier of supplements. Home of our widely trusted, premium phenibut of unrivalled quality. Delivering purity you trust, with consistency you count on. 

What is phenibut I hear you ask? Phenibut, or, Aminophenylbutyric acid is a noo tropic supplement originaly developed with calming in mind, due to its highly effective and anxiolytic nature it later went on to be issued to russian astronauts so they can keep calm under pressure, while still retaining cognitive function. Nowadays, it is renowned the world over for its anxiolytic properties among helping to fight depression, insomnia and acting as a social lubricant. Still available under prescription for the effective treatment of varying anxiety disorders in some countries, fortunately available here in the UK sold as a supplement. 

99.9% Pure- 

Purity like no other. Tried, tested and trusted by many, there is only 1 ingredient in our authentic phenibut HCL and that's 99.9% PURE phenibut, certified and shipped in from our partners in Europe. No additives. No colourings. No flavours. Just 99.9% pure powder is what you will receive. We believe ours to be the purest, and best quality phenibut available in the UK.

100% safe. 100% effective.

 We will only use PayPal when placing orders to be able to offer you (and us!) total and utter peace of mind and security with a 100% guarantee of you receiving your item(s) or your money back! I have a lot to thank to phenibut, give us a try, you wont regret it! 

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