Firstly we would like to thank you all for making phenibut-uk.co.uk the extremely popular and trusted source we're regarded as. 

We have faced many hurdles over our time running the business, and now we have some unfortunate news. We have encountered many pressures during this period, financial, legal, high inflation and otherwise but managed to keep our prices the same. We fully intended to keep it this way so long as we can. 

Unfortunately, if we are to continue trading we have to now add V.A.T to each purchase. We are quite saddened by this as of course overall, it will make a difference to you, our customers. We want to make it clear that we only do this out of necessity, and it by no means benefits us, actually quite the opposite. 

However,  we will do everything we can to lessen this cost to you. We have revised each product, reducing the cost as much as we are able to in order to lessen the impact of the governments 20% V.A.T.

Our apologies for this less than favorable news. 

-Charles Watson